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GX AXS Upgrade Kit

GX AXS Upgrade Kit

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Introducing the GX AXS Upgrade Kit: Elevate Your Ride with Cycle Zone

Unlock the future of cycling with the GX AXS Upgrade Kit, brought to you by Cycle Zone, your premier cycling destination in Rustenburg, South Africa. This cutting-edge upgrade kit is the golden ticket to experiencing the simplicity and efficiency of a wireless drivetrain, seamlessly integrating with your existing Eagle ecosystem components. Whether you're aiming to enhance your cycling performance or seeking high-value replacement parts, the GX AXS Upgrade Kit is your gateway to a revolutionary riding experience.


  • Brand & Model: GX AXS Upgrade Kit
  • Compatibility: Works with any Eagle ecosystem cassettes and crank arms
  • Technology: Incorporates Eagle 1x drivetrain technology for unmatched durability, performance, and weight advantage
  • AXS Integration: Connects with SRAM AXS app for battery status, component customization, maintenance reminders, and firmware updates
  • Gear Range: Offers an expanded gear range of 520%, rivaling 2x11 drivetrains for comprehensive coverage

Unparalleled Performance

Experience the pinnacle of cycling technology with the GX AXS Upgrade Kit. Eagle technology ensures a lighter, simpler, and more robust drivetrain, enhancing your ride with every pedal stroke. The expanded gear range provides you with the versatility to conquer any terrain, from steep ascents to high-speed flats, ensuring you're always in the perfect gear.

Wireless Freedom

Step into the future with AXS wireless integration. This upgrade kit not only simplifies your drivetrain setup but also connects you to the SRAM AXS app, putting control at your fingertips. Customize your ride, track maintenance, and stay up-to-date with the latest firmware, all from your smartphone. Embrace the convenience and reliability of a wireless setup with the GX AXS Upgrade Kit.

Make the Switch Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your cycling experience with the GX AXS Upgrade Kit. Cycle Zone invites you to elevate your ride and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance. Visit us in Rustenburg, South Africa, or contact us online to learn more about how this upgrade can revolutionize your cycling journey. Take the leap into wireless drivetrain simplicity with Cycle Zone today.

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