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Discover the Elite FLR F95-X II MTB Shoe at Cycle Zone

Introducing the pinnacle of MTB performance footwear, the FLR F95-X II, now available at Cycle Zone. Crafted for the elite trail racer, this shoe combines unparalleled comfort with a design that's built to conquer rugged trails. With its advanced features and superior construction, the F95-X II stands as Cycle Zone's top recommendation for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking to elevate their riding experience.


  • Outsole: M550 full carbon for optimal power transfer
  • Traction: Replaceable walking treads and removable toe spikes
  • Comfort: Ergonomic footbed for improved circulation and reduced hot spots
  • Upper: Seamless premium microfiber with nylon mesh inserts
  • Fit Adjustment: A-A17 Atop dial for a precise, customizable fit

Unmatched Comfort and Performance

The FLR F95-X II is not just a shoe, but a revolution in MTB footwear, brought to you by Cycle Zone. The ergonomic footbed and seamless upper design work in harmony to provide a fit that feels custom-made, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and cool, even on the most demanding trails. The M550 full carbon outsole guarantees that every ounce of energy is efficiently transferred to the pedals, giving you the edge you need to lead the pack.

Durability Meets Precision Fit

With the introduction of the new A-A17 Atop dial, the FLR F95-X II offers an unprecedented level of fit precision. Two independent dials allow for the perfect adjustment around the ankle, heel, arch, and forefoot, ensuring your foot is secure and supported from every angle. The robust construction and replaceable components mean your investment will last season after season, making it a wise choice for serious riders.

Take Your Ride to the Next Level with Cycle Zone

Don't settle for less when it comes to your MTB gear. The FLR F95-X II at Cycle Zone is here to transform your riding experience with its elite performance, comfort, and durability. Whether you're racing down trails or exploring rugged terrain, these shoes will keep you at the top of your game. Visit Cycle Zone today and step into the future of mountain biking.

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