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FLR Bushmaster

FLR Bushmaster

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Discover the Ultimate Trail Companion: FLR Bushmaster at Cycle Zone

Embark on your next adventure with the FLR Bushmaster, the quintessential cycling shoe for those who dare to explore both on and off the bike. Cycle Zone is proud to introduce a shoe that marries the best of hiking and biking into one robust package. With the FLR Bushmaster, you're not just purchasing a shoe; you're unlocking the potential for endless trail adventures.


  • Outsole: Vibram MTBike, designed for superior slip protection, traction, and grip
  • Upper: Durable, supportive, and water-resistant man-made leather with reinforced full-grain leather toe
  • Ventilation: Wide nylon mesh panels for enhanced airflow
  • Closure: 3 Velcro straps for a precise and adjustable fit
  • Extra Features: Reflective safety element on the rear for increased visibility

Engineered for Stability and Comfort

The FLR Bushmaster is not just another cycling shoe. Its Vibram MTBike outsole is a game-changer, offering unmatched slip protection and grip on the most challenging terrains. Whether you're scaling rocky inclines or navigating slippery descents, the Bushmaster stands firm. The natural softness of the rubber sole combined with reinforced side cleats ensures comfort without compromising on stability, making every journey a pleasure.

Designed for the Trailblazer

With its lightweight, water-resistant man-made leather upper, and reinforced toe, the FLR Bushmaster is built to withstand the elements. Wide nylon mesh panels ensure your feet stay cool and dry, no matter how intense the ride. The three Velcro strap closures allow for quick adjustments on the go, ensuring a snug and secure fit at all times. Plus, the added reflective element on the rear of the shoe enhances your visibility, keeping you safe on those late-evening rides.

Join the Adventure with Cycle Zone

Ready to elevate your trail experiences? The FLR Bushmaster at Cycle Zone is your ticket to unparalleled adventure. With its perfect blend of performance, comfort, and safety, this shoe is a must-have for every cycling enthusiast. Don't let challenging terrains hold you back. Embrace the thrill of the ride with the FLR Bushmaster. Visit Cycle Zone today and step into a world of adventure.

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