Shimano R7000 105 Pedal

R2090,00 incl. VAT

Shimano R7000 105 Pedal: Performance Meets Affordability

The Shimano R7000 105 Pedal is Shimano’s answer to cyclists who demand high performance without breaking the bank. This pedal promises to elevate your cycling experience, ensuring that none of your efforts go to waste.

Features That Impress

With its extra-wide platform, the PD-R7000 ensures efficient power transfer, allowing cyclists to get the most out of every ride. Its carbon-composite body is both stiff and lightweight, ensuring durability and performance.

Why the PD-R7000?

It’s simple – the PD-R7000 offers features found in top-of-the-line pedals but at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, this pedal promises to deliver on all fronts.

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